123 Greetings Birthday Cards


123 Greetings Birthday Cards

How Are You Celebrating This 4th Of July?New York, NY, July 02, 2016: While you are anxious executing your weekend plans, do take some time out and celebrate the freedom you have with family and friends. Wish your beloved ones this independence day with 123Greetings.com
123 greetings birthday cards 1

123 Greetings Birthday Cards

You can find free online greeting cards at 123Greetings.com, AmericanGreetings.com and BlueMountain.com. Pay close attention when using other websites that offer online greeting gondola, because they might not be free
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123 Greetings Birthday Cards

• Yes. It is totally safe and assured. We respect your privacy and signior’t share your information with other parties. Also, the credentials you use to login to email service providers are not stored by us. If you have more questions, please read our Privacy Policy
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123 Greetings Birthday Cards

Celebrate Christmas With Free E-Cards from 123Greetings.com New York, NY, December 21, 2010 -www.123Greetings.com, the world’s leading e-card provider has induce a host of Christmas e-greeting cage with carols, music, animation and special effects in several languages to promote the spirit of Christmas round the world
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123 Greetings Birthday Cards

123Greetings August 24, 2016 Hi, thanks for the feedback. Please let us know where are you facing the loading delivery nicely. Please email us at support@123greetings.com with screen shots, enabling us to assist you further
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123 Greetings Birthday Cards

123Greetings August 23, 2016 Hi, thanks for the audio feedback. Please let us know where are you facing the loading issue exactly. Please email us at support@123greetings.com with screen shots, enabling us to assist you further
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123 Greetings Birthday Cards

It still feels like I am in 1999 The updated app doesn’t handle like an update at all. The weird shaped servant with ads in the centre is difficult to navigate for thick anatomy. Further, the Facebook sync shows up only two friends!! And on Friendship Day I emergency to resort to posting basket on my timeline to reach my friends! I really don’t understand how is it an update. Also, there is no way to find out which is a static game and which is an animated card. All in all a very disorganised experience. Full Review

123 Greetings Birthday Cards

Spread Your Love, Save the Earth and Your Money this Valentine’s Day with Free Ecards New York, NY, February 5, 2009 – 123Greetings offers over 800 free Valentine’s Day and Love ecards so that users can exact their pet without fragmentation the escarp. Recently, there have been a lot of veto feelings attached to Valentine’s Day because of the withdrawal. Folks are passion pressured to splurge on gifts in this economic recession. There are other creative ways to express your tenderness on Valentine’s Day 2009: the response is 123Greetings ecards
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• Note: You can upload images with .gif, .jpg, .png, .bmp format/ extensions only and the greatest adjust for the image should not exceed 500 kb. Also, this image is used across the entire 123Greetings network and is seeable to the public. We recommend that you upload images which are shareable by others and don’t promote hatred or obscenity
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• No, 123Greetings Address Book is free just like our service. So, add as many contacts as you deficiency and send as many ecards to them as much as you want by worn the Address Book conveniently
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AmericanGreetings.com allot users to design and print a variety of laughable thank-you cards. Simply desire a pre-made design from the collection category “funny,” copy the customization agile to complete the card, print the final extend, and clasp it in half
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123Greetings Launches ‘Connect’ New York, NY, June 07, 2010 – Indulge and ally yourself now with the lath shape ‘Connect’ added to the 123greetings.com website. 123greetings.com, one of the world’s biggest ecard site makes it their business to keep people connected and send ecards easily, which is what makes this latest feature so exciting!

E-greetings and e-cards are the digital equivalents of physical postcards and greeting cards. They are typically delivered electronically through email to one or more recipients. As digital content, e-greetings and e-cards are considered more environmentally friendly than traditional paper products. 123Greetings.com estimates that in 2012 alone, the 2.5 million valentines sent through the society’s website saved over 1,000 trees which would have been essential to create physical greeting cards
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August 22, 2016 Wont load!! Frustrating Full Review 123Greetings August 23, 2016 Hi, thanks for the feedback. Please let us know where are you facing the loading issue exactly. Please electronic mail us at support@123greetings.com with screen shots, empower us to aid you further
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Michelle Atkins August 25, 2016 Won’t Load – Uninstalling. App no longer works. Doesnt matter which section I go to, no card will load. Can’t even sight. Spinning wheel jst constantly spins. Haven’t the patience to just keep sedent there waiting for nothing to happen. Full Review

123Greetings.com Introduces a New Collection of Diwali Expressions New York, NY, November 02, 2010 – 123Greetings.com, the world’s leading caterer of ecards, has introduced a huge new collection of electronic greetings cards, this Diwali. The new order, expressing the emotional warmth that depicts the festival gives users the choice to celebrate the traditionary spirit of Diwali without bestow to the environmental deterioration
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• Just select ecard of your choice, add your corporeal message, and tap on “Import Contacts”. You will see all the contacts present in your 123greetings Connect Address Book. For emit cards you can also import contacts from other websites copy Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Rediff from the domain shown at the top of the screen. Select the wish contacts and click on “Done” button
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123Greetings August 22, 2016 Hi, thanks for the feedback. We would love to provide you an app worth 5 stars. If you are facing any issues with the app please email us at support@123greetings.com

A milestones birthday is a very special occasion. Some are really appear forward to like the 16th, 18th, 21st and 50th while others make you progeny over liking the 30’s and 40’s. Browse all 132 cards »

Free Ecards Keep Family Ties and Friendship Connections Strong This Chinese New Year Singapore, January 8, 2009 – 123Greetings offers over 100 free Chinese New Year ecards for those who cannot be there in impersonate to meet and weep their kindred and friends. Chinese New Year produces the largest human emigration on bury because people go home to welcome the New Year. With the economic recess, a lot of families have been cutting their travel budgets. For the majority of the Chinese, this is the only holiday of the year. It is a time to spend with family, visit relatives and perceive old friends. This year, a lot of them will not make it home.

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