Birthday Poems


Birthday Poems

“To Mrs MB on Her Birthday” by Alexander Pope Pope’s poem to his friend Martha Blount knows that birthdays are afflictive for many. “Is that a Birth-Day? ’tis alas! too clear, / ‘Tis but the funeral of the former year”. He wishes Martha happiness, pointedly look for that she will be happy “Not with those Toys the female circle admire, / Riches that irritate, and Vanities that tire.” Instead she will “wash to Raptures in a Life to come.” Consoling?

Birthday Poems

poem Bright Walls Richie Hofmann 2015 It was not l I sought, standing outsidethe bower in the primitive apartmentwhere you had spent the night alone.To overhang, to kneel before some greater force—that was no longer what I wished.Clouds blew in from the coast, and I feltthe sun abandoning the window behind me, first browse all 2 poems

Birthday Poems

This birthday poem is designed for one older man to hurl to another. I said to Karl, “Honey,” women send most of the cards, and the age factor really limits the crowd for this poesy.” Here it is anyway, for those of you to whom it applies. Does this belong on the funny poems page? Let me know
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Birthday Poems

Birthday poetry can express appreciation, as this birthday wish does. Note that in this birthday versify as in the birthday messages Another Year and Perfect Birthday above, if more than one person is sending this birthday berime, then change “I” to “we,” “I’m” to “we’re,” and “me” to “us.”

Birthday Poems

The Aroma Of Freshly Baked Cake The aroma of freshly baked birthday cake fills the air, Balloons, confetti and presents adding to the vibrance & flare. Happy birthday songs sung by all those who are near & dear, Everybody is joining in your birthday cheer. May you have a charming birthday celebration!

Birthday Poems

Fun-filled Birthday Wishes for a Friend Your birthday is a day to rejoice, Have fun and jubilize for we made a great choice. Our friendship is the prime that could happen to us, Spending time together relieves me of all stress. Wishing you only of life’s best, Relish and enjoy it with all your zest. Happy Birthday My Friend!

Birthday Poems

May You Be Blessed The day is beautiful, occasion truly special, Sweetness is around, with smiling faces. Light the candles, swallow the qualifier, Pray to God with faith and make some thoughtful wishes. The vivacious tunes that cheer us all, The globe sings along to imprecate you. With lovely gifts and jolly hearts, I wish they all come together to guard you. May you have a rocking Birthday. Enjoy!

On your birthday every year, I thank God you were born. For without you in my life, My love would be forlorn. As each year brings new tests,Sometimes I proper want to hide, You bring me out of my darkness,I’m glad you’re by my side,

Birthday BestEvery year that comes and goesBrings its flowers and its snows;With each birthday, every year,I celebrate you, for it’s so clearYou’re really special; you’re the pry,One of a obliging, you are sole.Happy Birthday; may your dayBe blessed, copy you, in every way.By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Birthday poesy should make the recipient feel very special, as this poem does. This Happy Birthday dit is perfect for a birthday card verse. Birthday poetry that rhymes, as this birthday rhyme does, makes your card special
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Happy Birthday, Special TreasureGod gave a gift to the world when you were born—a person who loves, who cares,who sees a man’s extremity and fills it,who promote and lifts nation up,who spends energy on othersrather than herself,someone who touches each animation she enters,and makes a difference in the mankind,because ripples of kindness current outwardas each person you have touched, manipulate others.Your birthday deserves to be a national ferial,because you are a particular treasurefor all that you’ve done.May the love you have shown to othersreturn to you, multiplied.I invoke you the happiest of birthdays,and many, many more,so that others have opportunity to appreciate youas much as I do.By Joanna Fuchs

I’ve been engrossment birthday poems in the elegance of limericks, to put in cards for friends. If you have a friend whose name poetry with the names of my friends, you can use them in your cards. For example, your friend’s name might be Kathleen, or Colleen or Celine, etc
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Glad you asked. We take haughtiness in being a one stop destination for the best free verses, and ditties for birthday greetings. Insist on the best birthday poetry this year. Your friends and relatives are uncommon to you, show how much you care by paying special attention to the communication in your greeting
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A Real Happy Birthday Day by age a year went by, Today is my birthday and I am wondering what to buy. Clothes, chocolates, shoes and bags, There seem to be a whole lot I want to comfit. Not for me but for the little once who can’t afford, And my lowly befriend puts me in their hearts well stored. Happy Birthday!

We signior’t think of her as a singer, but Marilyn Monroe (whose birthday is today), sang. Unlike Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak in Pal Joey, Deborah Kerr in The King and I, Natalie Wood in West Side Story, and Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, she needed no daubing. (In another column I will salute the wonderful voices that emerge from Mesdames Hayworth, Novak, Kerr, Wood, and Hepburn in those flicks. Say, does anyone say “flicks” anymore?)  See Marilyn making the most of a secondary role in Niagara, or teaming with Jane Russell in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, or joining Mitzi Gaynor and Donald O’Connor on the Irving Berlin bandwagon in There’s No Business Like Show Business, or cavorting with cross-dressers Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot. She sings in each of these movies and the songs are noteworthy, each and all. The way she pronounces the “z” in Berlin’s “Lazy,” for example, or the electricity when she ramble among the nightclub plutocrats and sagely notes that “after you get what you want you don’t want it. / I could give you the moon, / you’d be tired of it soon. / You’re likely a fondle, / that wants what it wants when it indigence it, / ah, but when you are presented / with what you want you’re discontented.” (Irving Berlin never fails to amaze me.) This lyric was made to order for Miss Monroe.

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