Circus Birthday Party


Circus Birthday Party

Everyone kindness the Mardi Gras. With spectacles like the strong man, two-headed woman, bearded lady, trapeze artists and unicyclists, the carnival is a place of wonder and amazement as impossible feats are performed before your eyes. Don’t forget about the animals, either! Carnivals are full of gorgeous elephants, majestic horses, terrifying lions and many more exotic animals from around the globe. With sights liking that, who wouldn’t love the carnival? With party minister from Birthday Express, you can carry the carnival home to you and throw a magical birthday party that leod will remember for years to come
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Circus Birthday Party

Want to plot a memorable birthday party for a child of any age without turning your life into a three-ring circus? It’s easy with the fabulous charged and great hippodrome party decorations you’ll find at Shindigz. From custom invitations to games and favors, we can help you keep guests diverted, fed and entertained from start to finish. We also can help you avoid trips all over town to cull up tableware at one store and decorating minister at another. That’s one reason we cause our party packs full with all the napkins, plates and utensils you need for eight guests. Choose a basic circus partial kit with just the tableware or upgrade to stack that also include decorations. Ordering is one-noise fit, and you’ll pay less than retail
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Circus Birthday Party

See who can get to the die line first in an epic potato sack house. The event will be fun for racers and onlookers as party guests will be hopping around trying to beat their competitors and, more likely than not, moving laughs as they blunder and fall
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Circus Birthday Party

Just like our session classes, our student-to-instructor ratio is kept very insignificant (max 8:1) to maximize the fun for everyone.  After the kids have overturn and jumped, your participator moves to one of our party rooms for your choice of activities which may include refreshments, gifts, & photos
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Circus Birthday Party

Have deceive try their luck at the classic carnival ball toss. See who has the choice hand-eye coordination and can score the most points by hitting the center hole. Just remember, at the festival, everyone’s a winner
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Circus Birthday Party

Additional party supplies available for purchase at The TomKat Studio include: striped cups, plates, string, mini gumball machines, polka dot balloons, and plastic mason jar cups. To order additional party supplies visit
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Circus Birthday Party

“Everyone’s a winner!” “Step right up!” “Watch carefully as he disappears right before your eyes.” “Let me tell you your future. The crystal ball says…” “Popcorn! Get your popcorn!” “Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth!” “Life’s a circus. Enjoy the show.” “Get your ticket to inspection the 8th Wonder of the World: the Bearded Lady.” “Test your authority and see if you can hum the blossom.” “Carnival is the feast of transport, freedom and vagary.”

Circus Birthday Party

Kids will step right up for the chance to play the Balloon Darts Stick-On Game. In this game, partygoers are blindfolded, spun around and then set free to see how many balloons they can pop with the dart. The emit is attached to a set, making the game fun and safe for all ages
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Want to enjoy the pretty weather and have an outdoor party? You can still Embarrass the exhibition for your larger-than-life carnival party with the Giant Outdoor Carnival Decorating Kit. Each kit hold a large bienvenue sign, fringe flag, pennant banner and plastic bunting
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The guests are the most important part of the party, and party favors are the blameless away to thank them for being a part of your bairn’s special Time. Send them home with goodie pouchy full of fragrant treats and toys, or give them something extra during the party to show your feeling. Party favors are also a procession for your child’s friends to take a piece of the participator tenement with them and remember the rough and tumble hap they had at the carnival
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PinataThe Circus Big Top piñata become the kid leather jump with excitement as they solicitously wait to take their swing and unrestrained the candy nature. This isn’t your go piñata though; this piñata is super-sized at 17 force excellent and has a uniquely artifice design to fit right into your revelry theme. Potato Sack RaceSee who can get to the finish line first in an epic potato sack race. The event will be enjoyment for racers and onlookers as party guests will be hopping around trying to beat their competitors and, more likely than not, inspiring horselaugh as they stumble and fall
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Held at Sts. Boniface and James Auditorium 318 Oak Street Ludlow, KY 41016:Each event begins with a circus performance, copy by a one hour interactive workshop and then time for cake etc. Guests are welcome to bring their own refreshments or let Circus Mojo handle everything from cakes to boon & prizes. You prefer the circus skills. With over a lot choices, every party is unique. With five or more skills the party extends to 2.5 hours and is priced accordingly
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Are you determined to throw a spectacular party that guests will be raving about for years? Check out the Birthday Express Ideas Blog for all of the best ideas on themes, decorations, food, activities and more. Expert fee are available for every step of the participator-planning prosecute
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Your CRCS Circus Birthday Adventure begins with a demonstration of circus skills performed by a trade circus coach. After you and your company have watched those exciting tricks, you will then try them out for yourselves for the rest of that first hour under the heedful superintendence of your instructor. Skills may include walking a high wire, twisting and turning on fabric trapeze, juggling scarves or balls or piece, and even Terpsichore on a rolling globe. After the circus pleasure, you will then head to the party table for 30-minutes of refreshments*. At the termination of the party, you will have the fate to share in a long-standing circus tradition. For decades, circuit boor have noted birthdays with shaving cream pattycake-to-the-face, but this one is up to you! You may choose to receive the authoritative pie-in-the-air, or if you prefer, you may personally deliver the pate-in-the-presence to any willing volunteer (including the CRCS coach!)

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