Harry Potter Birthday Party


Harry Potter Birthday Party

17. Marauder’s Map Backdrop. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” This magical document makes a strong backdrop to a party table, we hung my daughter’s up behind ours, you can purchase a copy here
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Harry Potter Birthday Party

9 3/4 Platform When the boys arrived, we recreated a bit of the 9 3/4 platform, along with a little broomstick parking for our Quidditch match. One of the moms painted a broom and added “Nimbus 2013” for her son to bring. *fondness* For the 9-3/4 podium, I purchased some brownish frame, dipped a large sponge in red paint and gotta to stamping. Just make indisputable you put a drop cloth down before painting. Fortunately, I took that advice from several other spring. We used an inexpensive excitement slat to affix the wall to the door frame. I just couldn’t bring myself to cut the sheet, so we left it as is
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Harry Potter Birthday Party

I used vegetal parchment scrapbook paper for the invite itself. The wording came from leger 1, Harry’s sign, and I signed Prof. McGonagall’s name. Hope that helps!

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Amanda met her husband Corey when they were 18-year-old college freshmen. She was living in Ohio at the time and Corey was in Indiana, but they were introduced by a mutual friend who went to his school and immediately hit it off. They dated thirst-distance for four years and got married on October 2, 2011
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Harry Potter Birthday Party

Hello, I’m Kate! I’m a renovator, decorator, and do-it-yourselfer who writes daily about great interior design and poignant habitat improvement. Welcome to the place where I share my advice and adventures in decorating and DIY projects! Learn more
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Harry Potter Birthday Party

My buddy Jayme, a fellow party lover, had her spouse build this for her son’s inclosure party. I asked if we could borrow it and transform it a bit. Love the way it turned out. Oh, and those “wands” were just birch from Michael’s that my husband cut into one-foot pieces. A sidenote about that syllabus that confine the wands and shirts. My paternal grandmother was a gigantic friend of books (especially all things Hogwarts) and gave us our very first Harry Potter book. In it, she winged a sweet note. When she passed off with two years ago, my parents gifted us this schedule from her house. In a way, it fell like her spirit was there. She would’ve loved this party
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Harry Potter Birthday Party

Be premonish, there may be Harry Potter fans who object to the party/sleepover! If you plan on a Gryffindor instrument with garnet and golden patterns and Harry Potter posters everywhere, the Slytherins, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs will have something to say about that! To withdraw conflict, make the main station you use have different sections where the different students can group. If you are possession a sleepover, make sections where all the different houses can sleep/place belongings/group together. Don’t use anything dangerous. The discomfit thing that could happen is children going home offend or aggrieved. In outside Quidditch, make strong the beaters don’t hit harsh! Just a tap and the player will drop the orb! (Quaffle) For wizards who refuse to liberty the party, overhang them with dangerous spells. They won’t call your bluff, because it’s a Harry Potter party. If you don’t know any spells, regular type in something like “bad harry potter spells” into Google
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Harry Potter Birthday Party

FavorTo make glasses, pop out the lenses from sunglasses (set of 12, $10; orientaltrading.com) and hot-glue feathers on each side and a creased diamond-shaped piece of card stock to the nose.

To make glasses, explode out the lenses from sunglasses (set of 12, $10; orientaltrading.com) and hot-glue feathers on each side and a wrinkle diamond-shaped piece of card stock to the nose
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Tip: Add a “fortune telling” element to the drinks by appoint a sense to each color and flaunt the different meanings on a small mark near the soda. For example, purple = royalty, green = wealth, yellow = long life. Whichever paint each inquiline’s soda convert also presage their personal “fortune.”

To create the magical creatures, grab a gang of miscellaneous plastic bugs and creatures from the dollar store.  Add any plastic creatures you might have hanging around the house.  Adapt magical creature appellation from the book to fit the plastic creatures you have.  Hide them around your yard or house, and mark areas to match places in the book.  I necessity “Whomping Willow, Quidditch Field, Hagrid’s Hut, Herbology Greenhouse, and the Forbidden Forest.  (Those signs are all included in the free download.)  Send the kids on a hunt to find the creatures.  (I didn’t torment about who found the most.  I let them work as a team to find all of the creatures.)

Last year we chose a party at a local neighborhood, and not only did it feel like it lacked my daughter’s personality, the charge was sky high. Determined to make this side one to remember without breaking the Gringotts bank, I handcrafted almost all of the decorations and activities. Here are a few ideas for your next Harry Potter-themed party, inspired by Pinterest and my own love of all things Hogwarts
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In the past, I’ve never been one to go to a lot of trouble or expense for my kids’ birthday parties. But last neptad my daughter mold 10 and made a exceptional request for a Harry Potter themed partial and sleepover with her besties, it’s all the rage among her block right now. I indulged her because openly it was just so fun. She and her friends are totally into these books and movies possession explain and wake them over the past few months. Her father and I enjoy the history and characters upright as much, so together we got creative with a few ideas for her party and they turned out so cute I had to cleave. I also rounded up some other *brilliant* ideas spied across the internet in case you have delineation for a Harry Potter themed birthday, dinner, or Halloween party in your domestic too. 1. Get Creative with the Harry Potter Fonts. I discovered the free Harry P font (download from Dafont) and made printable penon show each house at Hogwarts, using these public domain logo images on the Harry Potter Wikia site for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. I printed them on off-white cardstock and gave them Old World parchment look by vehement the edges with a lighter. More Harry Potter fonts can be found here, download our four house banners seen below here. 2. Honeydukes Treat Bags. We have a fabulous candy store in our town that carries everything you can fancy so Honeydukes Candy Store treat bags made perfect sense. I full obvious bags from Michaels with gold & silver chocolate coins with a Gringots sign, turned quiet candy into “Exploding Crystals”, turned red thin licorice into “Dragon Veins” and a chocolate stone lookalike was Severus Snape’s “Sleeping Stone” causes extreme drowsiness – not from the books or movies exact us having amusement. Of course everyone poverty official Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – buy them online here. That fantastic treat bag label I downloaded from here. 3. Hedwig Owl Balloons. These are a MUST! This is not our idea, this one’s been floating (pun!) around the internet for a long repetition so we purely cannot take estimation, it came from Lizzy Writes but I kindness this simple idea. My daughter imitative the detail with a black and yellow marker and we strown a bunch of them around the household and gave them out to all the girls. 4. Slytherin Inspired Cake. Our chocolate cake + additional long gummy snake with toothpick fangs was inspired by Salzar Slytherin’s Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, watch out Harry! 5. Hogwarts Party Invitation. This charming invitation arrived on our doorstep (with a Hedwig owl balloon) last month from one of my daughter’s best boyfriend for her Harry Potter party. Our countenance Tony (the dad) usefulness the language from here with some modifications and printed them on vegetal parchment like paper from an office supply store. I’ll upload his editable ver with the tribe watermarks and diction posterior today, but you can also visit this site for such downloadable party invites. 6. Platform 9 ¾ Front Door. This clever idea to turn the front door into Platform Nine and Three Quarters comes from Martha Shmartha, made with a sheet, spray paint, and a Sharpie, so fun to run through at the sally of the party! 7. Golden Snitch Cake Pops. Oh how cute are these! Make your own golden snitch cake pops with ingredients list by With Sprinkles on Top, see also this butterbeer mole how to by Amy Bites. 8. Bake Character Cookies. Follow Darla’s lead at Bakingdom and create and decorate character sugar cookies, hello Harry, Ron, & Hermione! 9. Serve Butterbeer. There are a ton of recipes online for the famous Butterbeer served in Hogsmeade, this place attend several of the better recipes to choose from. 10. Make Enchanted Potions. These authentic potion labels were tackle on Etsy and photographed by Judith Fernstrom Photograpy, get all the details here! 11. Owl Cupcakes. Deliver a letter of sweetness with Owl Cupcakes spied over at Kara’s Party Ideas, those are vanilla wafers, sliced almonds, chocolate chips, and cashews that figure the faces, love it! 12. Wizard Hat Cupcakes. An choice to owls are these wizard hat cupcakes: dip ice cream conical surface in chocolate and drizzle the image of the blemish on top with yellow decorator frosting, via iVillage. 13. Directions to Hogwarts. Send your guest to the proper place with these signs made out of yard stick and inky delineate by Team Whittaker. 14. Sort Your Guests. Sew Hogwarts house scarves with fleece and a few steps with tips from Pieces by Polly. 15. Recreate the Great Hall. Remember the floating candles? Here’s a clever idea by Eating Bender to use paper lavabo holders and LED lights to recreate it *brilliant* ! 16. Quidditch Treat Bags. Brown fictitious bags and pretzels make superior broomstick treat bags that mimic the ones used in all the Quidditch matches, find them at Hostess with the Mostess. 17. Marauder’s Map Backdrop. “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.” This magical document makes a great backdrop to a party table, we hung my child’s up behind ours, you can purchase a copy here. 18. Hogwarts Textbooks. Make your own Witchcraft & Wizardry textbooks with tips from Jen at Wired, very fun! 19. Craft Wizard Wands. These DIY wizard wands are simpler to make than they appear. Create them with paper, hot glue, and steps found at Your Life Uncommon. 20. Wanted Prisoner Photo Booth. Recall the wanted poster when Sirius Black oversight in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Uniquely Grace shares how she made a destitution poster photo booth, a great party keepsake for guests. We used wild Halloween decorations and cierge to decorate the party table (somber spiders, etc.) so think about using those too! It was so much diversion to host a Harry Potter themed party, complete with spooky stories told by all in the dark with just a flashlight at the end of the night. It resulted in one very happy ten year old girl and adduce back memories of sleepovers with friends at that age *sigh* so so cute! Mischief managed! .

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