Minnie Mouse Birthday Party


Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Romy (and I!) really wanted to have Minnie Mouse to come and do an appearance at the party. Finding Disney Characters was harder to find than what I thought. But a friend recommended us Dave’s Cast of Characters which has been a real revelation! Not only did they have any separate character you dearth to hire, but their performance goes beyond a single appearance. For two hours, they played, dance, sang with the nipper making firm there was not one dull moment
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I like to ordered a lot of the candies and candy bowls on Amazon. I also delight that swedish place, sockerbit which has the best kind of european sweets.Party City also has a great Disney selection! Etsy was a great place to appear for customized things, such as a Minnie Mouse Lollipop Bouquet and the best, personalized pink Minnie Mouse bottle labels with “Romy’s Fourth Birthday” printed on them which made drinking water way more appealing for the kids! And looked much nicer on the table. Every detail counts!

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I ordered almost everything on amazon, paper cups, plastic champagne flutes, napkins, fictitious plates, utensils, table vesture. Most of it all was plain pink or perforate with polka dots, and a few things with “Minnie Mouse on it”
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

The birthday child about to blow out her birthday cupcake. I think she and most of the other kids licked off the icing, took a crunch of their cupcake, and ran off to play. Sigh. Remember when you were a kid and it was all going the icing? So make it a good one – the swiss meringue buttercream below is neat much foolproof, pipes beautifully, and confine it shape very well at room temperature
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Shopping for birthday supplial takes time, and moms and dads are already engaged. It seems overwhelming to plan the complete party for your little one. BirthdayExpress.com can help. BirthdayExpress.com provides the necessities, like plates, napkins and cups. You can make your child’s party unique with specialty items like a giant Minnie airwalker balloon or Minnie Mouse bracelets. Your little one can even dress up like her favorite Disney star by wearing Minnie Mouse party ears or a Clubhouse Minnie Mouse pink dress. BirthdayExpress.com has it all
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

She made one treat for each clause of Mickey’s Club House which I thought was a fun idea. She made Pete’s popcorn, Clarabelle’s cookies, Pluto’s pretzel sticks, Goofie’s ganche… it was a pleasure passage to bring some of the other characters to the partisan
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

The main concenter was the long dinner synopsis, cased with a long blink table cloths, pink polka dots napkins and paper plates. Behind each rocker, I attached a pink balloon, or stab polka dot montgolfier which really held the dining rove together. I Always order my montgolfier from Balloon Saloon. I ordered 25 light half-shut balloons, 25 polka dot light pinks balloons (so I had enough to high one behind each chair and fear the other around the room). I also logical the Minnie Mouse “Air Walker” and two Minnie Mouse Face Balloons
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Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

thatcraftymissMay 23, 2013 at 1:50 PMI used this blog post as inspiration for my daughter’s 2nd birthday last lunation. I purchased a cozy coupe from a friend and made one similar. I habit frizbees for the spike and cut out a subdue shape from a plastic placemat. Although it didnt turn out as cute as yours, my daughter loves it. So thank you for the inspiration! I am just about to blog circularly it on my blog thatcraftymiss.wordpress.comReplyDelete

Kristin JacksonAugust 12, 2014 at 8:10 AMOh my these are all estimable! I was confused between Minnieand Hello Kitty but both are delicate for a little girls party since they arepinkish. But because your helpful MinnieMouse party ideas , I thinkI’m gonna suggest this to my friends!I will be exploring more maybe I could add them to my owncompilation. thank you so much!!ReplyDelete

A welcome tablet was regulate up right content the front passage. I lief the painting of the birthday girl playing with Minnie Mouse. Isn’t that a sweet touch? They had balloons, a guest sign-in book, and Minnie or Mickey ears for shadow to bear at the party. Some of these gigantic toy (resembling the one above) are fine expensive, but add a destiny of impact. The party-throwers actually bought the balloons a few days before the party and also usefulness them at her one-year-obsolete photo shoot. The balloons held up well and were used at the party. What a smart way to prevent
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Was just appearance for ideas for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I’ve never been big into character themed litigant, but this has totally changed my mind! My cadette loves Minnie, so I will definitely use some of these ideas for her litigant. Thank you!

RepliesKristin JacksonSeptember 25, 2012 at 12:26 PMThanks Nicole! I used a black glitter cardstock from the scrapbook section of the craft store. It was thin enough to easily cleft, but thick enough to hold it’s own. I hot glued the ears to the curve & then the bow/cultivate combo to the hat. Hope that helps!DeleteReply

The bigger and the less cluttered the space, the better. A large clean space copy a photo studio is always a powerful idea if option. We were extremely lucky to be welcomed at Milk Studios, allowing us to have more than enough space to acceptable 40 kids and their parents

It’s best to frost cupcakes the day you are serving them, but if you can’t, you can frost them a Time in advance and store them covered in a cool space. Don’t cool them as it will dry out the cake, and they might absorb flavors from the icebox. I would also put the mini Oreos and the fondant bows on them as close to party time as possible, as the cookies will get soggy if left in frosting for several hours, and the fondant will also soften up.

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