My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas


My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

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My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

Don’t forget a catwalk/runway if you plan to make a float litigant! Finding fabric to inkle to the floor will do the trick, in whatever color your girl likes choice. You can decorate the carpet with stars embossed with the party guests’ names, or confetti and balloons! Light it up with some oh really cool LED lucent ball lights, and really get the mood set up with some tracks from the My Little Pony album. This is one of my favorite offspring CDs and took me by surprise. I highly recommend Make A Wish, track 10, for the pageant music!

My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday partisan are the most fun thing in the world when you’re 5. When my daughter turned 5, she destitution a My Little Pony party. I love hosting the banter’ birthday interest at house, but that brings added pressure of fit all the food and games. It’s lucky I love creating fun birthday parties
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My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

I think my favorite thing was the cakes. They turned out so perfect and were a huge guess. We used the petal icing technique, alternating between the rainbow colors. On top of the cake we used the White Cloud Icing from Bless this Mess to give the look of a big cloud. The ponies are toys. The banner was made with striped straws, twine, glitter scrapbook papery and letter stickers. The cake didn’t only look fit! My nun and her friend (the other birthday girl’s mom) made strawberry cake with real strawberries. It was delicious!

My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

Balloon BouquetSpread the love with a My Little Pony balloon bouquet. Heart, star and crib balloons in a unblemished purple, pink and red disguise scheme will be the life of the party. Place them around the room to bring the interest to life with cast of your dauphiness’s favorite ponies
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My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

May is one of my favorite months because I get to plan parties for kids I love with my sister and my crafty partner-in-crime, Melinda. Last weekend was my niece’s 4th birthday, 4!…I may cry. My sister and I spent the last couple of months planning a My Little Pony party for her and it was so much fun
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My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

For this party, we had a embellish your own pony office. I printed a tatt outline with no mane, tail or cutie mark. I shredded some crepe paper, and put out stickers, glue and markers, and hindrance the kids go to town. Here’s what my two kids made:

My Little Pony Birthday Party Ideas

Ponies won’t stand for any old-fashioned tableware. You’ll need to go all out with the pink and purple subject. Grab some plates, portion, napkins and plasticware that scream ponies and friendship. Your company will have so much fun pretending they’re really in Flutter Valley!

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My Little Pony is my cadette’s favorite show/toy/obsession right now. She changes which is her favorite pony every day or so, though—Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejacks…she cannot make up her mind. She just loves them all!

Plain birthday candles are too boring for the glittery, in color ponies. You’ll need to go all out with a My Little Pony Birthday Candle set. The perfect addition to your charming pony cake, this candle set will be the icing on top of the flawless party theme
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Like all parent trying to be uber-cool, I am always on the prowl for awesome party ideas for our next birthday. Last year was baby’s first, but this year, with her turning two, I feel the need to up my game. And since she LOVES my favorite old-school pony-accomplice, I’m going all-out with a DIY My Little Pony Party!

Since Fluttershy loves cuddly animals, as all ponies do, why not plan a trip to a provincial cultivated or zoo for Fluttershy approved fun? A barn where girls can ride authentic horses is a numerous option for older kids. They will learn all about animal care and maybe even feed a crib. Brushing horses can be daunting, but a no really memorable experience for years to come. And an in-yard fondling zoo can be reserved for younger girls to restrain bunnies and chicks! Staying outside and construction music with Belled Ribbon Wands is another great road to enjoy the outdoor garden party, along with excursion treats perfect for the trip
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If you know anything about My Little Pony, you cognize that it’s all touching the color and sparkle. This abject you can’t skimp on the decorations for your Friendship is Magic party. The special birthday maidservant will be radiant from ear to ear when she triumph her birthday with every decoration feignable. From balloon bouquets to table decorations, you’ll find it all here in one convenient place
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Before your Ponies and Dragons go trick-or-treating, planning a Halloween Parade party is a great and easy get-together to make the most of the Pony/Dragon costumes. An excellent way to sally the parade is to incorporate trikes, bikes and scooters into the clothing. And a plus-tip for deception-or-treating, keeping kids off their performance and eventually in your arms
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If you’re escort any My Little Pony themed party, a gift is sure to be useful! While there are any number of figurines and other toys, some are more creative gift ideas than others. I love the MLP Play-Doh set since Play-Doh can be repurposed to be more than ponies. It is really too cute, making the hair and manes, and avoids all tangles and moldable toy brushes (no one’s favorite)
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For savoury, we had the obligatory party pies and sausage rolls, plus some plain popcorn (let’s pretend they were clouds!). A friend also brought along some mini-pizzas
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Latest Comments mary watson What sport and exciting ideas for this themed partisan! Thanks for sharing! Reply Nikki Squires So many exclamation marks!! Lovely partisan, though. Reply Claudia what a beautiful party, I am planing my daugther 4th birthday party too and she wants My little Pony theme, so this is wonderful and so helpful, could I ask you for how long you hire the pony, how many? our party is at 2pm, so when would be good to do it, did you have time to do all activities. Thank you! Reply Janice This is so lovely and looks very fun! My daughter is flexure 4 and would like to have Little Pony themed participator. The ideas here are so awesome The dress is super perfect and beautiful…though quite liberal. Hopefully I can find something like that dress that is not so lavish. Thanks mommy for sharing this ☺ Reply

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