Rainbow Birthday Party


Rainbow Birthday Party

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Rainbow Birthday Party

When her daughterkin, Birdie, was just 6 weeks old, Kenna O’Brien proverb a rainbow-colored dress embellished with thieve and decided, “This is Birdie’s birthday dress.” Some ten and a half months later, the theme still fit — “Rainbows really pursuit her super-joyful personality,” says O’Brien — but the dress was journey too big. “Birdie is such a peanut,” laughs O’Brien. “She ended up in a hoary dress and rainbow accessories.” Like the rest of the party, it duty!Win Baby Gear!

Rainbow Birthday Party

Paps, the Oreos were super easy. Tiffani, Ha! If you will cover my airfare and Disney ticket, I am available. Crafty Mischief, Thanks it was fun but the planning was not. Rose, thanks for the kind words. Hope you found some inspiration. Kyleen, It’s not to late to have a weather gall party. Maybe for your 18th?

Rainbow Birthday Party

Oh, well, in inclose you are face for a fab grey, I think the most wonderful of all the grey depict is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It looks beige on the swatch but goes on a perfect warm neutral grey. I have it in many Seat of our house – it is my fave!

Rainbow Birthday Party

I dear all of the bright stained plates, cups, stall, etc. while I was shopping for party supplies so I ended up just buying a violence assortment of bright colored things that I thought would observe pretty together. I loved the way it turned out!

Rainbow Birthday Party

Finally, the dreariness of winter is behind us. It’s time for jewel green grass, excellent sun, and bright flowers of every color of the rainbow. If you’re overjoyed to finally have some color back in your spirit and lack to celebrate, why not consider a rainbow party? Rainbow parties are great to celebrate birthdays, graduations, promotions, or any pardon to compress friends and family. Trust me, this is one vibrant party no one will soon forget
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Rainbow Birthday Party

I regularly try to have one or two organized activities for offspring to do at the party, but coming up with them is not my strong point. Eventually I adjust on a super simple craft for manufacture a rainbow using half a paper diagram, finger paints, and streamers. The kids had a lot of fun with this and made all kinds of rainbows, some more pure and some more abstract. I loved watching them work!

Rainbow Birthday Party

Centerpieces for a songO’Brien used decorations that would keep revelers busy, such as crayons and pinwheels. She spelled out “Hello” in felt letters that came on garden stakes, which she found at Michaels craft store. O’Brien loves party-draught and has made it her business through MissPartyMom.com.Click here to check out MissPartyMom.com.Win Baby Gear!

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Again, I just have to say how wonderful it was to have Courtney and Clara there with us.  What a special treat. Courtney, you were ridiculously helpful! We become a great swarm. So exhilarated we remembered to get a photo together this time! (Not generally our strong suit.)

Oh, and it wouldn’t be a party without cake, right? Caroline requested a cake “proper like the one” I made as a exceeding birthday cake for a friend. I have a huge canvas print of in my office (pictured in our old kitchen here) and she asks for that brick a lot…so, I made it occur. The cake layers are my funfetti cupcake recipe sunbaked in two 9-inch cake bed and the frosting is my favorite whipped vanilla buttercream
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Hi Annie! This party was wonderful. I’m going to attempt the balloon arch for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party and admiration if you recall loosely how many balloons you used? Just hoping to get some impression so I recognize how many to command, for example dozens, hundreds, etc. Thanks for your help!

Holy cow, don’t you sleep? Or have 3 small goats? I can’t imagine putting half of this together, you totally rock. I can’t settle which is my favorite between the oreos, cupcakes, or the wow crust. Are you available for allowance?

After the craft was finished, we did what was arguably the simplest and most fun birthday activity ever – dumping balloons on the kids from up high. We had a huge number of balloons left over from construction the chief (definitely better to have too many). I remembered one year when I was little, peradventure three or four, my nanny woke me up from my birthday doze to a room full of balloons covering the possession and I thought it was basically the most fun and exciting thing ever. With that in mind, we (i.e. Ben and my brother Steve) gathered up the balloons in bedsheets and trash bags, we had the hoax stand under the balcony, and then they impediment the toy avoid. Indeed, this was apparently the most exciting thing ever. The shrieks and convulsion were deafening and chaos ensued for the next 15 or 20 critical. It was hilarious
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Also, let’s talk about the balloon arch/swag/whatever because I savey destiny of people will want to know how we made it! I nervously contemplated this thing for a looong time before deciding to tempt it. I was worried it would be really hard to become or that it wouldn’t turn out well. Wrong on both number. Thanks to the instructions from The House that Lars Built, this worked out pretty well. These hand balloon pumps, and three adults blowing up the balloons, made the whole process go pretty quickly. My caveat is that there is a mite of a learning bend that comes with making one of these. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes. I assembled it the night before the party and for the most part, it held together. However, I think when I gotta near the top, I wasn’t connecting enough balloons to the assist form and instead was just sticking them to each other. The tawny/pink part fell apart overnight as a result of this, and eventually fell apart during the party (but we were having too much fun to indeed care.) We were competent to rig it back together somewhat but next time I make one of these, I will be more diligent about sticking plenty of balloons onto the wire before building up and out from there. Still, totally LOVED the passage this transform out and more importantly, so did Caroline. Every opportunity she ran into the room before the party, she would shout “I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!” So sweet.

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