Sephora Birthday Gift


Sephora Birthday Gift

Ditto. I actually forgot about last year’s MUFE kit because it was kinda lack luster (especially with that blah lipstick). They gave me the first gift in-store in December, so might be you could even get it a month betimes? Towards the ppurpose of the month maybe? Enjoy, Judy! LikeLiked by 1 man

Sephora Birthday Gift

Unlike Sephora’s rewards that only seem to get improve with time, Ulta’s rewards seem to be regressing. As for Ulta’s gift, it’s apparently a mini Benefit Rollerball mascara for members with birthday in the first quarter of the year. I went into Ulta old this week, dictate the sacrifice, and promptly run through my email for the notification/scrip. The associates pret. quoth that I wouldn’t get the electronic mail until five days before my actual birthday and then I would have a month to claim. Although they said this with little trust so they’re clearly not 100% knowledgeable about this year’s proffering. I wonder if there’s a gift certificate associated with this year’s freebie as well? That would certainly occasion it a nicer gratuity. Scouring online, I see conflicting information that says the reward certificate will come in the mail and not via electronic mail. Hmm… We shall see when/if I get the electronic mail and am actually able to claim the freebie mascara…

Sephora Birthday Gift

you don’t have to if you order online either, you just pick your prize. you may have to pay for shipping, but a lot of times there’s a liberated shipping code lying around the internet
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Sephora Birthday Gift

My birthday is in March. The NARS pencils from Sephora are excellent, but Ulta? Every year it’s mascara – which I don’t use, my lashes are naturally dark – or that bargain glittery Chinese-import store-brand eyeshadow. Then that one year April got a purple UD eyeliner (!!!) and they wouldn’t give me one even though they knew I never took the March donation. This year it’s mascara again, and watch the gift for April be something actually virtuous. (Aside from that, I’ve enjoyed Ulta; the sectional store is nice and the online customer service has been tops.)

Sephora Birthday Gift

BCJanuary 5, 2016 at 2:49 PMI did get that Nars blush. I had issues with my qualifying order online, so I got my set in supply and I was surprised to receive the redden instead of the lipstick. This was my first time making Rouge.ReplyDelete

Sephora Birthday Gift

I was thinking more of the online customer service. Actually I like Sephora and Ulta both. Any local warehouse depends on who’s working there, I guess. I’ve fight one, count ’em, one clerk at my sectional Ulta who kept offering me things I’d said I wasn’t glance for and didn’t want (sparkly eyeshadow, this means you) – haven’t seen salesclerks that desperately clueless since I was a kid – but the rest have all been cool. My main gripes with Ulta right now are being out of/no longer stocking products I copy, and my sectional store doesn’t have Lipstick Queen. I’m sure I’ll be grip concerning next March’s birthday freebie though
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Sephora Birthday Gift

ADVICEIs the Sephora birthday gift worth it? (self.MakeupRehab)submitted 3 months ago by slemonatealemonReplace OnlyI’ve been really good about not buying stuff I don’t need, but am considering placing a (small!) mandate for my birthday so I can get the birthday gift, which I have never received before. I’m in Canada, it’s either a Marc Jacobs eyeliner and lipstick or a Fresh Face Kit. 19 commentsshare

Very insightful and becomingly what a terrible polity. How could any store/brand/company in the customer benefit industry not focus on customer service? That makes zero sense. But honestly after my many Ulta experiences, I’m not at all surprised that’s their “policy” hmmmmm. Thanks for the input, Tyler! LikeLike

PS – I am a VIB member (y’all wit I experience that spending requirement) but I accept the gift pictured in-store. Once I recovered from the shock of the Nars’ awesomeness, I realized I got the detrimental gift. NBD but why not ask about it? So, in my next online order I called the lovely Sephora customer service, informed them of the gift mishap and they promptly added a VIB gift to my order. AKA I now have two mini Cruellas running around and life is beautiful
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For simply giving Sephora your email address, you’ll be the proud modern mother to a mini Velvet Matte Pencil in Cruella (hallelujah), a mini Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien and, if you’re a VIB member, a mini Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner. I obviously worship Cruella; Rikugien is kinda blah; eyeliner is always nice. It’s just lovely to see a gift not made up of the shed-offs of a brand but rather some of Nars’ star students. Bravo Nars
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I besiege over birthday lunation gifts for if you can get something pretty innocent, then why not? I harmonize, last year’s NARS pencils were great. I’m looking forward to picking up this year’s gift. I decided to go with the Marc Jacob set instead of the Fresh gift, but I’m pretty secure I won’t be able to yank off that shade of stab. Ulta, on the other hand…. I’m a little iffy on traveling to Ulta for the birthday endowment. I haven’t received an electronic mail or mailer for a gift (Today is my birthday). I feel a little eerie walking in without proof of a birthday talent offer. In my opinion, Shiseido needs to get to giving out birthday gifts- in which case, I would find myself being born every month. Love them. LikeLike

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