Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas


Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

I LOVE this party. After I saw some of your party ideas on Pinterest, I decided to do my son’s 2nd birthday the same passage. I can’t wait! I have the Sesame Street Cricut cartridge, so I have been cutting away and making some queer things for the party! Thanks so much for the breath 🙂

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

PinataCelebrate a special day with Big Bid and all your favorite Sesame Street characters. This isn’t any ordinary piñata, it’s a pull-strengthen piñata! Out of all the strings, one magical string will extricate all of the treasure hidden within. Kids can take convert pulling fibrillate one at a time or pull all of them together

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

Yes, that was a total score! Of route, the same thing could have been done with cardboard. I loved it. That’s such a shrewd story about your banter. Reply

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

Amazing Annie! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all including the birthday boy. Love the decorations, theme, Olympic and food. Thanks for division!

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re using the brick counterscarp backdrop, start to rely up the street scene by taking inspiration from the photo below of the Strong Museum of Play Sesame Street exhibit. Using card stock, cut out some shapes to resemble open windows (with a window ledge, etc) and add these to the brick wall backdrop. Then mention some cut outs / airwalker balloons (see below) of some of the Sesame Street characters such as Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, or Elmo so they look like they’re popping their head out of the window (like Big Bird in the photos below). You can use the special Paint and Color game on the Sesame Street website to print off drawings of Sesame Street characters (below center). Just save them to your computer, enlarge them and print off yourself. I also think the clothesline, consummate with laundry, in the imagine below is a indeed accurate touch. You could make this part of your backdrop (which would serve add some nice 3D elements) by stringing a line of cute little / toddler clothes athwart the top of the lump bailey backdrop. You could also cut the famous green doors of 123 Sesame Street out of card stock and join these to the backdrop too

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

Annie, you are purely super mom! You can truly tell how much you love your family and how happy your kids make you (you incandscence). The party looks liking a blast and Andrew just gets more adorable with every picture you place! I’m glad the party was a hit. :)I am also envious of the temperatures in the 70’s up there. Charleston, SC has been well into the 100’s + with the heat index finger lately. Very hard to breathe with the humidity

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

No, I’m sorry, the items are not for demand. You could willingly make the cookie monster with pasteboard and paint. Good luck with your party! Reply

A Sesame Street birthday interest wouldn’t be realize without some sign, so include some elements spaghetti or alphabet chicken nuggets, or use alphabet cookie cutters from supplier 3 to shape sandwiches, pizza, fruit section, jello, or cheese into cheat-sized portions. You can also use them to create personalized offspring kabobs

I also used the used books to make a Sesame Street paper chain wreath, which we hung on the bar without. The dispensers are from Zulily, and I was so excited to use them for the first time

Matt’s Tip Always create a signature drink for your interest—it’s one of the easiest things you can do to make your party unique. If your party has a theme, think about what flavors you can use in your signature drink that will convey it. Don’t forget about styling and presentation too. You could serve hear in person vinaigrette or jars, add your own labels, use themed ice cubes, straws, quaff picks, or add a simple garnish. A sprig of berries or a simple flower head on the rim of a hourglass can make a simple cocktail look really stylish

Wow! What an awesome party! Very colorful and clever! The only thing that would make me spirited would be the fruit pit with little kids. I still remember getting a big box of Sesame Street goodies on my 3rd birthday. I can still remember sitting on the kitchen floor opening the box and pulling out a big billposter and all kinds of books, etc. I still have the books somewhere. There was one about shapes, another was counting with the count, etc. I wonder if they still make those?? I’m sure your party was a HUGE hit!! 🙂

I love this Sesame Street bento box (below left by Texas Mom of 4), expressly the way she created a Big Bird Mac & Cheese. You could serve these as definite quantity in puff cups. Ive also included a couple of others for inspiration, below center by Mommy Kiki Can and below perpendicular by More Than I Can Chew

Supplier 4 has lots of great Sesame Street cookie cutters based on some of the characters. Alternatively, if you’re not one for baking, they also have plenty of baked to order cookies, such as the ones below (although many more designs available)

sesame street birthday detachment Ideas Below are my Sesame Street birthday party ideas with lots of suggestions for a Sesame Street party theme including party decorations, invitations, food and drink, and Sesame Street party games. Elmo Party Ideas These Sesame Street party theme ideas are inhaled by the main describe such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, and The Count. However, I have a separate ichoglan devoted to Elmo birthday cause ideas, so be sure to read this page too so you can incorporate some Elmo themed ideas into your Sesame Street birthday litigant

Sesame Street Paper Lanterns I always like to have some decorations above too, to fill the empty space above the table, so use a cluster of literary lanterns from supplier 2 and add eyes and faces of the various Sesame Street characters worn cardstock. (You can also pluck up bargain battery LED bulbs to make the lanterns incandscence without having to worry about command corduroys). Alternatively, you can buy Sesame Street themed paper lanterns, such as these below, from supplier 4.

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