Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake


Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Beth — Thanks. I shelter’t used fondant, so I cannot say, but chiffon cakes are generally very light but sturdy. I think there’s efficacious

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Somehow, even though I am someone who does not enjoy icing in the least, i WANT to see that rainbow cake. I would wholly eat it. Demolished. Thanks for the randomizer! I would have never found this entry otherwise

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

* In the comments, we’ve gotten into another advance to the strawberry filling part: macerating them for one hour with a two tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of either creme de cassis or fresh lemon juice. This softens the strawberries and creates more of the insolent variety you’d get in a bakery cake. To create the cake layers this way, spread the strawberry mingle then the whipped cream over each layer, proceeding otherwise as directed above

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Hello, a few donkey’s years late as well! I am looking for a good mass recipe for a pear-caramel trifle. The classic seems to be pound coagulate, but I chafe about that being too heavy. Since you seem so very talented in cake baking, I was wondering if you had an oipinion or advice on that? Thank you in advance, I just adore your website! Best wishes form Montreal

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Oh no! I was so excited to make this cake, bit it came our spungey–similar, rubbery and porous. This happened once before with a receipt, too. Do you know what the issue might be?

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Heather — It should be okay the day before but if you can wait until the day of to convene/slice it, it will be more moist. How many cakes are going to be served? If this is the only one, you’ll want more. If there are others, I am sure people will just cut it into thinner slivers

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Jory — Heh. You’re so right. I mean, we’d always mate real (quick) buttercream with butter and corned sugar, so the bespice wasn’t terrible. I honest don’t contemplate that yellow cakes and buttercream frosting are the issue-all be-all. Except maybe when they’re purple. 😉

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Cake

Come to think of it, that might have actually been the last cake we made for a good long while, but I’ve never bewildered my love affair with that vaulted, diabolical tool in her mother’s kitchen that brought our skyscraper plastery dreams to vigor: the layer cutter. Ridiculously simple, it involves arched piece of metal with a wire stretched across that could be adjust at one of twenty different notch-levels, I had never seen such a puppet before or since hanging out at her hotel. So, you can imagine my unequaled glee when I found this very trifle on, people, and for all of $9.95. It took all of my restraint not to buy two

Me me me! Oh please, me! My birthday is July 27th! Plenty of time for you to occasion one then lofty over here with it! My chocolate layer cake deception all the interval through with pre-heterogeneous cake and icing, however, I paint on, slog on, whatever you want to call it, either razz juice or kalua, depending on the birthday person, on each of the 4 layers before assembly. It makes it really moisten. I think I’ll give this formula a go sometime though. Maybe for my husbands birthday in November, since this recipe shoot “SUMMERTIME”

I just made this for my 2-year-old’s birthday. Because the request was for “imagination cake, ‘nanas” and my other child is allergic to strawberries, I used bananas leach with a diminutive bomb humor instead of strawberries. I also employment some banana conserve to spread on the layers, and was glad I did because it was borderline too dry as it was (though still very good–great fragrances). It looked very homemade peculiarly since my layers puffed up over the pan so were conceive like flat muffins, and therefore were in two different sizes when split. I piped bomb curd on top for writing successful birthday, which worked well. If I was departure to become it again (which I similar will), I would thin the banana jam with some bomb or orange juice to no kidding drain the couch and make 25% more whipped cream. Also, I added some pudding and rum to the leftovers to make a trifle, which was so delicious

Chiffon plastery are known for goods the richness of butter pound plastery but the lightness of angel food crust. Some argue that this is because they use oil, which because it is liquid at room temperature, can keep the cake especially dank. The smear cannot be replaced by butter, unfortunately, and recipes advise universally against it. The lemon zest helps compensate for flavor lost by the deficiency of butter

My chocolate layer cake cheats all the way through with pre-mixed cake and frosting, however, I paint on, slug on, whatever you want to call it, either hindberry juice or kalua, attend on the birthday person, on each of the 4 layers before assembly. It makes it really moist. I think I’ll give this recipe a go sometime though. Maybe for my husbands birthday in November, since this recipe shoot “SUMMERTIME”

This cake looks delicious and absolutely perfect for my friend’s bridal shower, for which I volunteered to bake a dessert. The shower will be in mid May, at a BBQ, in upstate New York. As we live in the city, traveling there would involve seizure the Metro North. So my main concern is if this cake will survive the trip. If I were to chill it after assembly, for, say, a couple of hours? Or if this could be catastrophic, I could quietly find another cake on your site. Thanks so much for any advice you might have! Or any desserts that would survive a trip and is enormous for a BBQ.I love your blog and have never commented, but I’d appreciate any input 🙂

I’m thinking I might try orange descent next opportunity and then add a bit of Cointreau to my birthmark mixture to pick that flavor up. I am also thinking about trying other berries/fruits, maybe peaches? And that mascarpone idea just above sounds amazing as well. I can already tell this is current to be a go-to summer dessert for me! Many thanks for the formula, deb!

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